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If you have idea's to improve Engraver ©, questions or

tips you would like to share, please send an email to


If your tip proofs to be useful we will place it on this page.


Fixing holes:

If you like 4 fixing holes in stead of 2/6 you may first create 2 horizontal holes and

then do the same procedure but now with 2 vertical holes.


Selecting objects:

If you need to select small objects that are normally difficult to select, use a window for selecting

but instead of marking the window from left to right, mark it from right to left.

This will only select lines or traces that ere completely in the window.


Snap to grid:

When drawing or moving objects, use the right mouse button to turn the snap to grid on/off.

You may also change the behaviour of the snap to object here.


Show trace direction:

Press Shift L to show or hide the direction of the traces.

They are showed for plot data or milling data, depending on the

current selection mode.

The Pro version has features to align and change direction of the vectors.